UP Pep Squad reclaims UAAP Cheerdance crown

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Non-automotive Features
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N.B. This article was originally published in UPIU on September 12. Visit the original post here.

During the class evaluation, the article was considered a “nice, informative, and fun read about the event.”

Some points of improvement mentioned were: highlighting the UP Pep Squad in the lead, providing a hyperlink for Araneta Coliseum, and giving the criteria on which the scoring was based.


One of the most-awaited events in the Philippine collegiate scene filled the biggest stadium in the country with 20,950 students cheering their hearts out for their respective schools.

After dropping to third place last year, the University of the Philippines (UP) Pep Squad regained the championship in this year’s University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Cheerdance Competition held Sunday at the Araneta Coliseum.

Defending champion Far Eastern University (FEU) Cheering Squad settles for second place this year while the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Salinggawi Dance Troupe returns to the top three after missing out last year.

As reported by Inquirer Sports, fourth to eighth place went to the following schools respectively: Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), De La Salle University (DLSU), University of the East (UE), National University (NU), and Adamson University (Adu).

The UP Pep Squad garnered a total of 440.9 points, the FEU Cheering Squad got 421.4 points, and the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe raked in 407.5 points. The win gave UP its sixth title since 1994, making it the second winningest squad behind UST’s eight titles.

Different approaches

The 2010 UAAP Cheerdance Competition saw the squads use various themes, props, and gimmicks in gunning for the crown. The crowd was in on the action, supporting their squads through banners, balloons, flags, and matching outfits.

The UP routine featured a festive “Hala Bira!” theme, complete with tribal accessories and choreography. FEU opted for a Japanese samurai-inspired presentation, while UST chose to go with a tiger theme to commemorate their 400th anniversary as an institution.

Other notable gimmicks this year were the inflatable blue eagle of the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion, the Falcon jet of the Adamson Pep Squad, and the giant photo wall of the NU Pep Squad.

Overwhelming Experience

Maylene Manzano, a Communication Research freshman from UP, had a memorable experience watching the Cheerdance Competition for the first time. “It was fun and overwhelming. It was memorable since it’s my first time to watch the Cheerdance live and UP became the champion,” she said.

Peter Geronimo, a Communication Arts student from DLSU, noticed a different atmosphere in this year’s competition. “The UP crowd, for example, was more eager to defend their standing. So you could really feel their fighting spirit,” the Lasallian commented. “All the schools meet in one venue to show off the school pride that they have. That makes the Cheerdance very exciting,” he added.

However, experiencing the Cheerdance live requires much patience and stamina. Most had to endure long lines just to secure tickets; some even camped out at the venue the night before the release of the tickets. Those unwilling to fall in line for hours just had to purchase their tickets at exorbitant prices through scalpers.

Spine-chilling Performances

The Araneta crowd expected much from the pep squads, and their performances did not disappoint. “The routines made me quite nervous since someone might make a mistake in the execution of the stunts. But I could say that the performances of the schools this year were cleaner than last year’s. You could see that they really prepared for the routines,” Peter said.

When asked about the UP Pep Squad’s routine, Maylene had this to say: “Flawless. It was superb. The stunts and choreography were really great.”

UST Marketing student Dale Recina also had nothing but praises for the Salinggawi’s performance: “Very good. Technical and spine-chilling. They focused more on the stunts than the choreography.”

But perhaps the most spine-chilling of all was the ‘friendship’ that emerged between rivals UP and UST during the awarding ceremonies. UP started cheering “Go USTe,” which got a reply of “U-ni-bersidad ng Pilipinas” from the UST crowd.


FEU Cheering Squad

The FEU Cheering Squad performs their Japanese samurai-inspired routine during the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. (Alexis Villafuerte)



UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe executes a difficult stunt during their Cheerdance peformance. (Alexis Villafuerte)



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