A must-experience Philippine IT event: Y4iT 2010

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Non-automotive Features
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N.B. This article was originally published in UPIU on September 18. Visit the original post here.

During the class evaluation, this article was deemed to be well-written and very informative. It has good grammar and style. The evaluator also appreciated the fact that the article was not too technical despite being a technology article.

There were, however, some inconsistencies with syntax (attribution, abbreviation). The article could also have been improved with more background information about the event and  some snippets of the speeches of the guest speakers.


Filipino Information Technology (IT) college students arrived by the busloads at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus from September 14-17 to attend the biggest and most anticipated IT event in the country: Youth for I.T. (Y4iT): The 8th Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology.


Y4iT conference

Y4iT opened its doors to thousands of I.T. enthusiasts September 14 at the UP Diliman campus. (Jedd Brian Hernandez)


The four-day conference, organized by the UP Information Technology Training Center, attracted more than 23,000 participants composed of students, professionals and instructors. Some even came from as far asMindanao, the southernmost part of the country.

“The goal [of the event] is to encourage IT students to be more aware of the different trends in IT,” said John Lee, an instructor of UPITTC and venue manager for the Bahay ng Alumni portion of the conference. “Sometimes, what’s being taught in the classroom is a couple of years old. So this is a chance for the IT students to catch up on the latest developments,” he added.

This year’s theme was “Y4iT. Boot-up. Connect. Converge.” Participants had the rare opportunity to listen to top I.T. experts discuss a wide variety of topics: blogging, iPhone development, Internet marketing, animation, and even careers in I.T. Among the list of illustrious guest speakers were Dr. Richard Stallman, developer of the GNU operating systemand a pioneer of the free software movement, and Johan Janssens, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Timble and co-founder of the Joomla open source content management system.

“This year, we have assembled a team of really great speakers. They really know what they are talking about and they are industry leaders,” Lee said.


Y4iT conference

Participants listen to the lecture about game development at the Y4iT conference held September 14-17 at the UP Diliman campus. (Jedd Brian Hernandez)


Big I.T. companies also set up exhibits to offer their products and services to the visitors; I.T. enthusiasts got to enjoy loads of freebies, trial software, and fun activities.

Noli Gutierez, an Associate Computer Technology freshman from Aldersgate College in Nueva Vizcaya (273 kilometers north of Metro Manila), said that he enjoyed the sponsors’ booths.

“I learned a lot about programming and mobile games. The talk about online games was also interesting,” shared Kristia San Perdo, a first year Computer Technology student fromBulacan State University.

It was quite clear that participants always have an enlightening and enjoyable experience every time they attend Y4iT. “As you can see, each and every year, more participants come to this conference. The topics are not always the same. There are always updates. For example, in gaming development, now we have more small companies that participate and show their products,” said Roy Dela Cruz, a junior organizer of Y4iT and member of UP Association of Computing Machinery.

Even the volunteers like Roy enjoyed entertaining the guests of the conference. Roy, on his third year as a volunteer, shared how UP ITTC rewards the volunteer organizations: “After every conference, there is a big victory party for the volunteers. Last year, there was also free merchandise waiting for those who have served for more than four years.” These incentives ensures the continued support from the UP-based I.T. organizations.

Given the great feedback from the participants, Y4iT can be expected to draw more guests and introduce more I.T. developments next year. Surely, I.T. enthusiasts will be eagerly anticipating this must-experience event.


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