“Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night,
I can see paradise by the dashboard light.”

– “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” Meat Loaf

To begin, what is a dashboard? Merriam-Webster defines it as the panel extending across the interior of a car below the windshield and usually containing instruments and controls. In the instruments can be found the inspiration behind this blog: the dashboard lights.

Photo courtesy of howstuffworks.com
Photo courtesy of howstuffworks.com

The dashboard lights, in my humble opinion, is one of the most important parts of the car. There is a reason why it is directly in front of the driver; it is there to convey crucial information about the car. It tells the driver how fast the car is going, how far the car has traveled, and how high the engine is revving. More importantly, it also warns the driver whether a door is ajar, the fuel tank is almost empty, the battery is dead, the oil pressure is critically low, the parking brake is on, or the engine is about to overheat.

Just like its namesake, this blog aims to provide the readers with tons of automotive information–news, features, photos, and even opinion from yours truly.

It will feature a wide range of topics, from the latest car models and technologies to the biggest motoring events.

2010 Trans Sport Show
2010 Trans Sport Show. Photo courtesy of author

It will also present the (unsolicited) views of a young car aficionado on the banes of the Philippine motoring scene: endless traffic jams, reckless drivers, horrendous roads, crocodiles disguised as traffic enforcers, and much more.

EDSA traffic
A typical scenario at EDSA. Photo courtesy of philstar.com

I hope you, dear readers, enjoy reading this blog of mine as much as I enjoy writing in it. Any feedback and additional information that you could share are most welcome here.

For the love of cars,

Jedd Brian Hernandez