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N.B. This article was originally published in Asian Correspondent on August 30 and has been revised for this site. Visit the original post here.

During the class evaluation, the evaluator said that this article was generally well-written. The presentation of ideas were organized and clear. The use of links were also maximized.

The grammar and syntax, however, leave some room for improvement. The article was also deemed to be a bit lengthy.


Every last Sunday of August, the Philippines celebrates¬†National Heroes’ Day. This non-working holiday serves as a commemoration of the valiant efforts of countless men and women who fought hard and sacrificed their lives in service of the country.

The week leading to this year’s National Heroes’ Day could be described as controversial at the very least. Two events thrust the Philippines into the center of everyone’s attention, both in good and bad light. Within 24 hours, the Filipino people experienced¬†a roller-coaster of shame and pride.